The Managed Hosting Built Exclusively for WooCommerce

WooCart significantly decreases the time you spend on building new stores and simplifies store management and maintenance.

Your store will be lightning-fast on dedicated Google Cloud servers, and with WooCommerce-specific performance optimizations.

performance Woocart Store

The Fastest Hosting for Your WooCommerce Store

WooCart hosting Woocart Store

WooCart sets up servers and does speed optimizations with WooCommerce in mind, which results in the lowest load time you can get from any host. Not only that, but we also show you the slowest pages on your store, and the resource-hogging plugins so you can make your store blazing fast.

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Google Cloud Powered by Google Cloud
Woocommerce Optimized for WooCommerce
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Find plugins with high memory usage

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Find pages that have a high load time

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Free Transfer to WooCart

Want to transfer your store to WooCart but don't want to deal with the migration? Leave it to us!

Lossless Staging for WooCommerce

With Lossless Staging you never have to worry about breaking your live (production) store. Once you've finished with changes on your staging store, click publish to live, and WooCart automatically syncs changes.

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A 360° Solution for your WooCommerce Store

wizard wand From wizard to store

WooCart is not just hosting, it's a complete solution for your WooCommerce store.

We've decreased the time you need to create a new store to just minutes while giving you a simple store-focused dashboard to manage it.

We also take care of all the annoying, but necessary settings and maintenance you need to do with each store.

Simple store Wizard

Simple 3-step store Wizard that takes you from zero to a live store in a few minutes.

1-Click Login

1-Click Login so that you never have to unsecurely save passwords in a spreadsheet.


Our store-focused dashboard gives the critical information you need for your store.


We preconfigure SendGrid so that your emails reach inbox and not the spam folder.

Plus a full security configuration, so you don't have to worry about anything.

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Developer Tools Developer Tools

Are you a WooCommerce developer or an agency? We have you covered. You get all the tools you're accustomed to, so you don't need to change your workflow when using WooCart.

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Security Robust Security

We make your store worry-free with daily backups, out-of-the-box SSL for all stores, and a full security configuration, so you don't have to do anything.

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No vendor lock-in

No vendor lock-in!

It's still your WooCommerce store that you love and own.