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Are you losing money because of slow and unreliable hosting?

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All WordPress managed hosting providers primarily sell shared hosting space. This means your store shares resources with multiple other websites. It also usually means overselling of those resources and unexpected slowdowns because of it.

Stop losing sales because of your shared hosting provider.

With WooCart, you receive a dedicated Google Cloud server fully optimized for running WooCommerce. Besides advanced caching, you also get auto image optimization and premium CDN for lightning-fast image load.

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Is your store not updated because you're worried an update will break it?

The updating process is risky and can break your store and cause a lot of frustration, so often WordPress users avoid. But outdated WordPress is one of the main reasons sites get hacked. 3

With Lossless Staging, you can create a clone of your store, update plugins and theme, and when everything works publish to live with just one click.

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Free Transfer to WooCart

Want to transfer your store to WooCart but don't want to deal with the migration? We'll do it for you for free!

Wizard Wand WooCommerce Wizard

Effortless Management of your WooCommerce Store

WooCart is not just hosting, it's a complete solution for your store that significantly simplifies store management and maintenance.

Easy Steps

Simple 3-step store Wizard that takes you from zero to a live store in a few minutes.


A toolbox to easily manage and maintain your store without a developer.

Store Dashboard

The store-focused dashboard gives the critical information you need about your store.

We've decreased the time you need to create a new store to just minutes while giving you a simple store-focused dashboard to manage it.

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Trusted by store owners in 32 countries and 26 industries.

I hate writing testimonials, but honestly, Dejan and the team at WooCart are the best in the business. On top of the amazing hosting comes their support, they bend over backward to make sure your store is working with lightning speeds, never failing to please.

WooCart optimized their servers specifically to our needs and even fixed issues on our website to ensure fast speeds were met. We went from over 8 second load time to under a second and have not looked back since. Since we have moved, we have noticed an increase in our rankings in Google.

Our website was getting scraped and attacked constantly. We've tried several plugins, hosts, and services, but only WooCart have been able to help us manage these problems. Our site is faster now, and I know if I have a question, I'll get a helpful answer.

Every Hour Spent on Maintaining Your Store Is an Hour Not Spent Promoting It

WooCart is the only service that focuses on store owners and making your life easier.

If your store is already bringing revenue, you know that each hour you spend on maintaining your store has a negative impact on your bottom line.

WooCart takes care of technology so that you can focus on selling.

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