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Everyone is recommending the same hosting providers for WooCommerce - even though almost none specialize for it. When your visitor sees a recommendation for SiteGround or Bluehost the fifth time, there is a very low chance they will convert through your link.

Stand out from the crowd and recommend a host that's built exclusively for WooCommerce and fits users' needs perfectly.

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Build a WooCommerce Hosting Business with Us and Earn up to 30% Lifetime Commissions for All Your Referrals

Sending referrals to WooCart is like having your own hosting - only without the hassle of server management and support. Customers you send will earn you up to 30% lifetime commissions. As long as they keep paying, you keep receiving commissions.

And customers keep paying their hosting for years, even when they're unhappy! But with our fantastic tools specific for WooCommerce and our amazing support, we are making sure that WooCart customers are not just happy but thrilled.

Other hosting providers offer high one-time payments because they know they're going to make 10x on that. We want you to share in our success. When you help us build our business, we want to make sure you're well paid long-term because we want to have a long-term partnership.

The more customers you send our way, the more money we send your way. You also receive one-time bonuses with every level-up.

Level 1

Level 1

20% Lifetime Commission

<10 Signups

One-Time Bonus $50

Level 2

Level 2

25% Lifetime Commission

10 Signups

One-Time Bonus $500

Level 3

Level 3

30% Lifetime Commission

100 Signups

The tracking cookie is valid for 30 days. This means that visitors that you refer to WooCart will earn you a commission even if they convert four weeks later!

Paddle Payouts are done by Paddle, and they offer PayPal, Wire Transfer or Payoneer.
Lifetime Commissions

Lifetime Commissions Make You More Money Than High One-Time Payouts

Lifetime Commissions

Hosting providers usually pay out what seemingly look like very high payouts. But that's only because they make a lot more money when the user continues paying for years. WooCart instead shares that with you with lifetime commissions.

We've compared three possible one-time payouts and a 30% WooCart commission for the base Shop plan with a churn of 5%. These numbers are very conservative since you can expect the user to upgrade or add new stores at least a few times over the span of their subscription. And you get to share in all of that.

Total Earnings WooCart Payout $50 Payout $75 Payout $100
Year 1 $11,481 $6050 (-47%) $9075 (-21%) $12,000 (+5%)
Year 2 $22,387 $6050 (-73%) $9075 (-59%) $12,000 (-46%)
Year 3 $43,655 $6050 (-86%) $9075 (-79%) $12,000 (-72%)

By sending 10 sales every month for 3 years, you could build a yearly recurring revenue of almost $44,000, which is nearly 4 times as much as with a $100 payout. The difference after 5 years in recurring revenue and total payout becomes extremely large.

Main selling points of WooCart

WooCart is the first hosting that has been built from the ground up for WooCommerce. This has many amazing benefits for the users.

Here are just a few highlights:

The fastest hosting for a WooCommerce store because our servers are configured to run only WooCommerce.

Store Wizard and other eCommerce-specific tools for simpler maintenance of the stores.

Lossless Staging for publishing staging stores to live without the loss of customer or order data.

Make sure to read everything on our website in detail before sending out information to your audience.

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