WooCart Affiliate Resources

If you're a new affiliate, scroll to the bottom to learn how to get the links inside your Paddle dashboard. If there's anything we can help you with, don't hesitate to contact us.
Link WooCart Subpages

Link to any WooCart subpage or our blog posts

WooCart Subpages

You can get an affiliate link to any subpage on the WooCart website, or even to one of our fantastic blog posts.

Here are a few good examples to deep link:

Easy WooCommerce Staging & Testing

(let your audience know about the amazing Lossless Staging)


(when someone asks about pricing, send them directly to the page)

The fastest WooCommerce theme

(give a non-intrusive intro to WooCart by sending visitors to this awesome blog post)

Get the full list of links inside your Paddle dashboard. If you'd like to link to something else, contact us and we'll set it up for you.

Want to link directly to the WooCart.com domain?

Direct link to WooCart.com

By default, you'll be sending traffic to a complex looking link like


If you'd like to send your traffic directly to the WooCart.com domain, let us know, and we'll configure a redirect for you. You can then send traffic to a link like this:


Contact us and let us know the URL you'd like us to configure for you.

Direct link to WooCart.com
Logo and screenshots

Download the logo and screenshots

Direct link to WooCart.com

To learn more about which colors to use, to download the logo or screenshots, visit our Brand page.

Level up

Contact us when you level up!

Once you reach 10 signups, and then 100 signups, make sure to contact us so we can increase your affiliate commission and send you the level up bonus!

Using Paddle


Login to your Paddle account and click on Affiliates in the sidebar, then choose to View as Affiliate from the dropdown.

Paddle Login

On this dashboard, you can see the metrics for your date range.

 Your links

Once you're approved, you can find all links in the Links section. Make sure to review all of them and use the most appropriate one when sending your audience information about WooCart.

Paddle Links