The fastest WooCommerce page builder (speed test)

Published on 2019/09/19


Last updated on 2020/05/05


by Dejan Murko

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Speed is of the utmost importance for eCommerce sites, and we want to help users of WooCommerce find the fastest page builder for their store.

The same way themes affect the page speed, page builders do as well.

To fully understand how we tested the page builders, read the Testing Methodology section below the results.

Page Builder Speed Test Results

Let’s jump straight to the results. Results are median average, and in all cases but PageSpeed and YSlow score, the lowest is best.

Overall Results

This includes the median average of all tested subpages.

Page BuilderVersionRequestsTotal page sizePageSpeedYSlowFully loaded time (ms)
Beaver Builder2.2.4.347578,98096761005
Gutenberg5.2.3 (WP)41542,01796761080
WP Bakery6.0.549585,46894741163
Visual Composer19.0.051576,95594751218


The fastest page builder tested is Beaver Builder. That said, all other page builders, except Elementor, are within a 20% range of the best fully loaded time.

When looking at other Page Builder reviews, Beaver Builder is one of the most praised page builders for ease of use and features. We’re adding praise for page speed!

If you’re looking for a fast page builder for your WooCommerce store, Beaver Builder should be your choice.

Here are other details about the test:

  • WordPress: 5.2.3
  • Astra Theme: 2.0.1
  • Date tested: 2019-09-12

The following data is showing the results per page tested.

Homepage Load Time Results

This includes the median average of the homepage.

Page BuilderRequestsTotal page sizePageSpeedYSlowFully loaded time (ms)
Beaver Builder52809,8529675934
WP Bakery56849,26692721163
Visual Composer59810,20092731334

Product Page Load Time Results

This includes the median average of the product page.

Page BuilderRequestsTotal page sizePageSpeedYSlowFully loaded time (ms)
Beaver Builder42348,10896761076
Visual Composer42343,71096761101
WP Bakery41321,66996761163

Shop Page Load Time Results

This includes the median average of the shop page.

Page BuilderRequestsTotal page sizePageSpeedYSlowFully loaded time (ms)
WP Bakery48363,4419881971
Visual Composer49367,14298811098
Beaver Builder48363,02398811106

Testing Methodology

To make sure the tests are reliable and consistent, we’ve set strict testing criteria.

We use the free Astra theme. Page builders are used to create the homepage with the same sections – above the fold with image, three images for categories, featured products, and a text FAQ section.

Stores are hosted on WooCart hosting on Google Cloud Platform. There is no CDN running on the stores. Caching is enabled.

All stores have the same plugins installed: WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, SendGrid, and Redis Object Cache.

Stores have been set up with the WooCart Turnkey store settings. This gives all stores 35 demo products, 81 images for the products and homepage, and subpages for contact, about and legal.

Speed Testing

The speed testing service is GT Metrix. The test location is London (UK), and the browser is Chrome (desktop). We use their API, and run all tests in the same batch.

We run the tests five times per each page: homepage, product page, and shop page. The pages are mixed when testing so there are no consecutive tests for the same page builder.

We calculate the median result of the page load times.

Why median?

We calculate the median because it is far better than average for the use case of page speed testing. This way, the outliers have less effect on the final result, making the test more relevant. You can read more about this topic in this blog post.

If you’re interested in the full test data, take a look at the full spreadsheet.


We really hope this helped you with the selection of the page builder for your WooCommerce store!

We’re running these tests regularly and if you want us to include another page builder, contact us.

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