We’ve just finished the first phase on the path to Lossless Staging

Last updated on 2020/05/05


by Dejan Murko

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One of the major pain points for WooCommerce users is the difficulty of merging staging stores with live stores and syncing customer and order data. This happens when you’re playing on staging and then a customer buys something on the live store. There is no easy way to get those two different store versions merged or data synced.

That’s what we want to achieve with Lossless Staging. The first phase towards that is to build regular staging. And this has just been made available to all WooCart users!

Staging on WooCart

It’s a simple one-click create Staging Environment where you can play with a perfect copy of your store without any danger of breaking it for your customers.

Learn how to create a staging store in the help center.

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