Make your WordPress dashboard store-focused

Last updated on 2019/11/20


by Dejan Murko

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If you’ve ever onboarded clients new to WordPress and WooCommerce, you’ve probably seen their confused look when you opened the WordPress dashboard.

And who could blame them – all they need is to manage products and orders but they see 27 different menu items, mostly completely unrelated to their daily work. And then you probably say “just ignore aaaalllll of these things” which doesn’t sound great at that moment.

No more cluttered WP menu

WooDash solves this by creating a store-focused sidebar menu and home dashboard for easier access to the common WooCommerce features.

Instead of the unending sidebar menu of different plugin options, WooDash shows only the relevant buttons for a WooCommerce store.

Here’s a before and after screenshot of not even a complex WooCommerce installation:

You can easily switch back to the regular dashboard by clicking Switch Dashboard. How easy is that? You’re probably wondering why nobody created this sooner. ๐Ÿ™‚

WooDash makes onboarding new clients to WooCommerce a lot easier and simplifies the store administration for the store managers.

Download WooDash

The plugin is completely free to download. If you’d like to contribute, visit our public repository.