A gamechanger for staging WooCommerce stores: WooCart Lossless Staging

Last updated on 2020/10/15


by Dejan Murko

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WooCart has been in development since mid-2018 and from the very start, we knew staging is the one thing that can be significantly improved for WooCommerce users.

Today, we’re proud to present what we call Lossless Staging. The main difference from other WordPress hosting staging environments is that it will automatically sync changes from the live store before publishing the staging store. No more lost orders or customers!

Watch the demo:

This also means updating WooCommerce stores is no longer a risky or cumbersome activity. It’s as easy as three steps:

  • Create a staging store with one click.
  • Update everything on the staging store and review the changes.
  • Click Publish to Live and wait for WooCart to sync orders and customers, then publish the updated store online.

All of this happens within a few minutes without you having to deal with database and file changes.

If you’d like to test Lossless Staging, sign up for a 7-day FREE trial of WooCart.

Why is WooCart’s Lossless Staging better than other WordPress hosts’ staging?

Generic WordPress hosts offer staging, but when you publish the staging store, it fully replaces the live version. If orders were made in the meantime, they will be lost, as well as data of all new customers.

Because WooCart works only with WooCommerce, we know exactly what changes are made, and we sync them before publishing the staging store. That’s why we call it Lossless Staging – because there’s no loss of data.

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