Gutenberg for WooCommerce Speed Test and Review

Posted on 19/09/2019


by Dejan Murko

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You can argue Gutenberg is not a page builder but a content editor. That said, many themes already support page building only with Gutenberg, and since it’s getting more powerful with each update, we think it’s worth adding it to the list. Gutenberg comes preinstalled with all new WordPress installations.

  • WordPress: 5.2.3
  • Astra Theme: 2.0.1
  • Version tested: 5.2.3 (WordPress)
  • Date tested: 2019-09-12

To read about our methodology and the comparative results, make sure to read the results post.

Gutenberg Speed Testing

Each page is run five times with GT Metrix and the below results are median of the five runs.

Load Time CachedPageSpeed ScoreYSlow Score Total page sizeRequestsFully loaded time
Homepage 19676714,859391,025
Homepage 29676714,86839993
Homepage 39676714,85939721
Homepage 49676714,868391,129
Homepage 59676714,86839725
Homepage Median9676714,86839993
Product Page 19369452,473425,015
Product Page 29676369,16542774
Product Page 39676369,15642732
Product Page 49676369,165421,222
Product Page 59676369,174421,166
Product Page Median9676369,165421,166
Shop Page 18970457,1004820,240
Shop Page 29881371,53948950
Shop Page 39881371,54248734
Shop Page 49881371,53748916
Shop Page 59881371,53748729
Shop Page Median9881371,53948916
Cached Median All9676542,017411,080

Median PageSpeed score: 96

Median YSlow score: 76


Gutenberg is very fast, though suprisingly, Beaver Builder beat it by a small margin. If you’re looking for a simple builder that will get a lot more powerful in the future and has the “built-in feel” of WordPress, it’s the perfect option for your WooCommerce store.