A new milestone reached in the goal of simplifying WooCommerce

Published on 2019/06/12


Last updated on 2019/12/03


by Dejan Murko

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All the features built in the last few months are finally presented on the new website that was published yesterday. With this we finished a major milestone. There’s still some big things planned for the near future but WooCart, as it is now, already has some major benefits over a general WordPress host.

In this blog post, I’ll cover the major features from the last few months, and the planned improvements to them in the near and far future.


After we talked to a few of our customers, we’ve learned that there’s still a lot of development and testing going on between localhost and full public versions. Paying for a full hosting account at this stage feels wasteful, so we’ve decided a smaller, limited plan is warranted. Therefore, we’ve significantly decreased the price of the starting plan to just 5€/month, while lowering the resources and keeping the store limited to the mywoocart.com subdomain.

This heavily cuts costs for anyone who prefers doing development on online stores.

Blazing fast hosting for the best conversions

Our early customers have seen some amazing improvements over their old hosts. The current record is 91% decrease in page load time, and the worst we recorded is 51%. The customers were absolutely amazed at the results! In the coming weeks, we’ll also add servers in different regions and your store will automatically deploy to the closest one based on your selling location.

You can check the case studies from our customers on the website.

Metrics for simpler understanding of your store

Plugin Metrics we haven’t seen with any other host. They will show you the memory usage of each plugin on your store. When you find a resource-hogging plugin, disable it and find a more efficient alternative. This will directly affect your store’s load time. Plus, we’re already working on further improvements which will show the actual load time of the plugin for an even better insight.

Page Metrics are another unique feature to WooCart. They show you the slowest loading pages on your store. This is especially beneficial if you have plugins that impact separate pages (like checkout, search, etc.) and don’t want to test them all the time for page speed.

Server Metrics are standard with most hosts, but we’ve tried to simplify them and make them easier to understand. Whenever you’ll see a spike here that is not correlated with an increase in visits, then something is going on in the background that might be worth checking out.

Logs for easier troubleshooting

Error and Traffic logs are also pretty common with other hosts, but they make them really hard to understand. With our Error logs, even if you have only basic knowledge about WordPress, you’ll be able to figure out what caused the error (theme or plugin), possibly even why. This will make troubleshooting much easier.

Lossless Staging for no more fear of the Update button (coming soon)

Staging is a major pain for all WooCommerce owners. Most of you have some kind of manual setup that you use for testing major updates. Unfortunately, it’s usually really cumbersome and you do it only when it’s really, really late. We plan on fixing this.

The first version of staging will create a clone of your store on the same server configuration as your live store. This means that when you repeat the actions on the live store, there won’t be some error because of a different server/php configuration.

The second version of staging will automatically merge live and staging stores without losing your customer or order data that happened in the meantime. This will finally resolve all issues with testing and updates of WooCommerce stores. The plan is to have this version online by the end of the summer.

And a ton of other amazing features

We automate an enormous amount of tasks in the background. From fully configuring your new store with the Store Wizard, to securing it, and creating backups. To really learn about everything, make sure to visit our new website and check out the Features.

Dejan Murko

Dejan is the WooCart co-founder and Project Lead.

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