How does your perfect WooCommerce staging look like?

Last updated on 2019/05/02


by Dejan Murko

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We’ve started working on one of the most important features: WooCommerce staging. The goal is to easily allow publishing staging stores to production without the loss of order and customer data. This is a major, and painful issue with regular WP sites and the reason why most regular hosts are lacking for WooCommerce.

There are a lot of alternative solutions but most of them fall short of a simple solution that a host can offer.

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What is staging?

WooCart Lossless Staging

Staging environment is a copy of your production store (live store) on a separate location. It’s a safe place where you can test major and minor changes without impacting your production store. The main issue with regular staging is that if you publish to production it overwrites all data. With regular websites that is usually not an issue. With stores that receive orders in the meantime, it’s a big issue.

How do you use staging?

We’d love to learn more on how you currently use staging, or if you don’t, the reasons why not.

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