Product Update #1

Published on 2018/10/12


Last updated on 2019/04/16


by Dejan Murko

So that everyone has a better idea on what we’re working on, we’ll be publishing bi-monthly reports about what was done in our Scrum Sprints. The first report is for our third sprint that finished this week.

Demo products importer
To really get a feel of how a store looks, it needs to have at least a few products. But fake products don’t give a realistic look. So we’ll be using real products with descriptions. Our demo products will give you, and your client, a much better idea of the store design.

Scrolling theme preview
A nice scrolling preview in the Wizard to show you how the templates look.

Better view for store deployment pending
This is to make it clearer when the Store is still in the process of being deployed. When the store dashboard shows, you’ll know that it’s ready for use.

Created date and drawer sorting
A minor add to make it easier to know when a store was added and to sort the sidebar based on that date.

WooCommerce guide on the first visit
This will be especially welcomed by newcomers to WooCommerce. It’s a simple welcome notification on top of the WordPress dashboard to remind you of the things that you still need to do before you can start selling.

Cookie consent notification with links to policies
EU countries have very strict laws concerning privacy. We’ve added the cookie consent into the core plugin so that you don’t have to worry about compliance.

Subdomain generation from the name
Automatic name generation from the store name. A few keyword strokes less for every store deploy.

Store defaults polishing
We added a few more settings to the final store installation so it’s closer to the state where you can just start selling. This includes a few common pages like about and contact and setting up the menus in a sensible manner.

Stay tuned!

Dejan Murko

Dejan is the WooCart co-founder and Project Lead.

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