Product Update #11

Published on 2019/05/06


Last updated on 2022/03/08


by Matei Gavris

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We’ve been doing a lot of work in the background for the next big feature – staging. Here are the highlights of the work done in the meantime:

Feedback sessions with users

Doing the user calls we were pleased to find early adopters who chose WooCart because of their friends’ recommendations. We’re also grateful for the feedback and will try to see how to integrate them with the current process. There’s a lot of value that comes from interviews, and we’re planning to do them on a regular basis.

Bug fixes

Errors weren’t showing in the error tab, and we had to fix it alongside with some small alignment issues. To keep everything looking and running smoothly we also upgraded the front-end dependencies like JavaScript libraries.

Open Source contribution

Nejc has been an avid Open Source contributor for years. During the past sprint, he released the pyramid-openapi3 package to the Python Repository so that everyone who wants to use it can now simply do an install.

What’s next

The WooCart development team is now brewing one of the most exciting features. Staging! If you’re already using staging please check out our blog post about it and help us by answering the short survey.

Matei Gavris

Matei was the WooCart marketing manager.

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