Product Update #12

Published on 2019/05/15


by Matei Gavris

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This sprint was really productive for us! WooCart is getting better and better. Let’s see what went on:

New Features

Plugin Metrics Tab

We added the Plugin Metrics tab that enables you to see a list of all your current plugins. For each, you get a view with Title, Slug, Version, and Memory Usage. This is a really useful feature because many of the problems with slow WooCommerce stores come from having plugins that use a lot of memory.

Page Metrics Tab

Another great feature that’s now available on WooCart is the Page Metrics tab. As the Plugin Metrics tab, it can be accessed from the left sidebar of the app and it empowers you with useful information for having a fast store. Can’t stress enough how important is your store’s speed when it comes to getting more sales.

Enable/Disable Store Button

Want your store offline for a period? No problem. Now, you can easily do that from the Settings tab in the left sidebar of the WooCart app. The great thing about it is that you don’t lose anything. All the information will be saved, just that nobody will be able to access the store. Want back online? Just click the toggle again.


Same URL Error Message

You can’t create a new store with the same URL as other WooCart stores, but till now there was no error message to point it out clearly.

Better Showcase Store

The showcase store allows you to easily start working on a prebuilt store. This needed some improvements and now it’s easier than ever to just “plug and sell”.

More Reliable Backend

The failed backend request were on a continuous loop using resources in the detriment of other tasks. We set a limit to that so after 3 failed attempts in 30 seconds the requests will stop and show an error message.

Work in Progress

Staging Research

This sprint was also dedicated to staging. We surveyed everyone interested in WooCart, and we also did research on forums and FB groups.

Staging Development

The staging development continued. We’re getting very close to the first version, and to be honest it gets us really excited! You’ll soon hear the big announcement about it.

Custom DNS Interface

We’re almost there with the DNS interface that will enable you to manage DNS within WooCart. If you don’t know what that means – no worries! You’ll just set the nameservers to WooCart and everything else is done by us. Stay tuned!

Matei Gavris

Matei was the WooCart marketing manager.

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