Product Update #13

Published on 2019/06/03


Last updated on 2019/12/03


by Matei Gavris

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Each sprint at WooCart comes with new features and improvements. This one is no exception, so let’s see the highlights:

New Features

Showcase Store

We have a beautiful new showcase store which can be installed by selecting the Demo Store checkbox in the Store Wizard. It is pre-filled with content and demo products so you can get a glimpse of the final look. You can easily edit the store instead of starting from scratch. We also added the option to delete all the demo products with one click from the WordPress dashboard.

Error Tab Refresh Button

We added a refresh button for the error tab so that you don’t need to refresh the tab in order to see the latest errors. It’s faster and more convenient.

Set Domain Option

The set domain option is now available in the settings tab. Just add your domain and you’ll receive the nameservers to enter at your registrar.


There’s a new DNS tab in the dashboard where you can see the nameservers and DNS records. It’s on our private version of the app, and we are doing the final testing but in just a couple of days it will be available for everyone.


Graph Labels Fix for Visits

Labels were previously cut in the visits page graphics and we fixed that.

Selectable Text in Dropdown Elements

In the dropdown elements, like the Errors, you couldn’t select the text to copy it. This caused annoyances when troubleshooting, and it’s now been fixed.

Simplified Wizard

We simplified the Wizard so on the store configuration you only need to choose if you want to add a blog and a demo Store, then if you want to add GDPR compliance, and privacy, cookies and terms pages.

Reorganized Dashboard Sidebar

We reorganized the dashboard sidebar into subsections that make more sense from the UX point of view.

Work in Progress

New Dashboard Overview

This sprint we started working on a new store overview dashboard where we’ll add more features.

Better GDPR Compliance

The same for the GDPR compliance which we want to improve.

Improved Slow Pages and Plugin Metrics Tabs

We are also polishing the slow pages and plugin metrics tabs.

New Website

Finally, we put a lot of work into our new website that will be live in the next sprint.

Matei Gavris

Matei was the WooCart marketing manager.

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