Product Update #16

Published on 2019/12/09


Last updated on 2021/11/01


by Dejan Murko

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The amazing work of our team continues. There were many changes done in the last few weeks, a lot of them already requested by our fantastic users. Keep the proposals coming!

Publish Staging

The next step in our path to Lossless Staging is complete! Last week we’ve released the Publish to Live version of staging.

The next and final step is to sync the database of the staging and live stores so you can stop worrying about losing order data. Stay tuned!

CDN information under Addons

Once the store runs on your domain, it starts loading images from CDN. Now, you can monitor the bandwidth usage under the Addons tab.

Allow Other as a business location in the Wizard

We’ve had many users ask us how to add a store for unsupported countries in the Wizard. So we added an option for Other that takes some common configurations but mostly leaves it as WooCommerce default. This way, you can use it to configure the store for any country.

Store owner shortcodes

Stores on WooCart support shortcodes for store owner information. This allows you to easily add business name, address, and other info anywhere on the store and change it from one place. Read more on the help article.

Updated website and published the affiliate program

We’ve updated the website to show better everything you can achieve with WooCart. We also published the affiliate program. If you’re interested in promoting WooCart, make sure to read the page and apply.

Dejan Murko

Dejan is the WooCart co-founder and Project Lead.

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