Product Update #17

Published on 2020/01/28


Last updated on 2022/03/08


by Dejan Murko

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We hope you had amazing winter holidays! We’ve taken some time off over the holidays but then quickly got back to work. We’ve had our bi-annual company meetup in Bangkok, then continued work on WooCart. And we’ve done great progress since the last update!

File Transfer

Easy file transfer was a common user request. We’ve implemented it using the WebDav protocol instead of SFTP. WebDav looks the same for an average user (and runs similar desktop clients, like Cyberduck) but it’s faster and locks files when someone is editing them, preventing file conflicts.

We’ve limited the use of File Transfer to Cart stores and staging stores since directly editing files on the live store can easily break it.

Improved Prompts

We’ve improved the prompts inside the app by making them easier to understand with better descriptions, and by adding some bling.

Revised Error Page

Our default error page was a scary 503 error which did not mean anything to your visitors if they stumbled upon it. Now, the default error page is Scheduled Maintenance that is shown whenever the store is unavailable. We’ve also published a help article on how to resolve all 5xx errors.

[NEW] Bug Reports Submitted

We love open source and being part of the WordPress community. We get a lot of insights into issues of plugins and themes and want to help out authors to make them better. Here are the bug reports we submitted in the last few weeks:

Dejan Murko

Dejan is the WooCart co-founder and Project Lead.

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