Product Update #19

Published on 2020/05/05


Last updated on 2021/11/01


by Dejan Murko

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We’ve been very productive in the last few weeks and it shows in the work we’ve done since the last update!

More plans to choose from

We’ve received a few requests and inquiries for larger and smaller plans. So we added three Enterprise plans available above the Supermall plan for really big stores.

We’ve also added a plan for tiny stores without staging. This is recommended only if you’re just starting out but still want the benefits of the WooCart platform.

COVID-19 offer for small businesses

Since coronavirus hit small businesses we’ve seen a big move to online sales. We want to help so we’re offering free store building for small businesses impacted by the lockdown.

Flush CDN Cache

In some cases, a theme acts up and the CSS or images don’t get refreshed when they should and CDN continues serving the old version. Now, you can easily flush CDN cache by going to Addons > CDN.

Optimize store page load

We found that there was some space for improvement on our servers for page load. This means an additional 200-300ms decrease on already blazing fast page load on WooCart!

Custom WP Dashboard

Since sites on WooCart are always running WooCommerce, we thought it would make sense we add a custom dashboard to home instead of the default WordPress.

This makes it easier to manage with nice shortcuts relevant to store owners, plus takes care of performance issues which some plugins cause by adding widgets to the home dashboard.

Speed up staging sync & publish for large stores

On larger stores, the staging sync and publish were taking a long time. We did some optimizations and changes in the backend that decreased this time by an order of magnitude. What before took 10 minutes, takes now just 20 seconds!

Stay tuned for more amazing things

There are some amazing new features coming in the coming weeks so stay tuned!

Dejan Murko

Dejan is the WooCart co-founder and Project Lead.

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