Product Update #20

Published on 2020/06/04


Last updated on 2021/11/01


by Dejan Murko

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This was a very productive month for us, and we’ve published a lot of new features. Here are the highlights.

Improved Errors tab

We made Errors tab a lot more readable, easier to use, and more responsive. It also immediately shows the culprit for an error, so you can disable it quickly and get your store back online. Check out our tutorial video.

Different WordPress colors on staging and live

To prevent mistakenly editing the wrong version of the store, staging has a purple colored WP admin dashboard theme, and both live and staging have notifications on top.

Billing section

We’ve added a billing section under the Account so you can easily download invoices for your accountant.

Update/vulnerability notifications

You are now notified in the WooCart dashboard when there’s a lot of plugins or themes outdated, or if there was a vulnerability found in a plugin. A simple reminder to keep your store updated and secure.

Store information in Settings

We’ve added information on when the store was created, the server region, when we do maintenance (night time of the server location), server IP, and the last state change for easier troubleshooting.

Updated help articles and new tutorial videos

With the new changes and feedback from our users, we’ve updated our help articles and added two tutorial videos.

New Server Metrics coming soon!

We’re very excited about the new Server Metrics, which will show a lot more data about plugins and store events, and how they affect your store.

Among other things, this will shine a light on potential slowdowns by tracing them to a specific event. We can’t wait to have it live!

Dejan Murko

Dejan is the WooCart co-founder and Project Lead.

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