Product Update #22

Published on 2020/11/30


by Dejan Murko

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In the past few months we’ve transferred many large, successful stores to WooCart, and with that came a lot of new exciting feature requests that we’ll work on in the coming months! Here are the highlights of the work done in the last few weeks.

Simplifying staging sync & publish

There are many different use cases on how our users use staging and live stores. To make it easier to understand, we’ve changed the staging publishing process to always take staging as the source of data and only download customers and orders from the live store.

This improved performance, plus simplified the publishing process. Read more in our Help Article.

Prechecks before publishing staging

These checks will prevent publishing when it could cause an issue. For example: if a WooCommerce update is still running in the background, our check will catch it, stop it and notify you to retry in a few minutes.

Improved WooCommerce caching

We’ve implemented additional caching into our plugin that will improve performance for all stores on WooCart.

Better overview of account charges

We have users with multiple stores that are getting regularly upgraded, downgraded, removed, or added and the previous invoice view was just not adequate. Now, under Notifications you can see exactly what you were charged, when, and how much.

Coming soon: staging improvements and autoscaling!

We’re working on additional performance improvements to staging publish where we’re expecting a few minutes for publishing, even with large stores. Staging stores will soon be available on your store’s subdomain, solving a lot of the licensing issues.

And last but not least, we’re doing good progress on autoscaling where you’ll be able to access almost unlimited cloud resources with just a few clicks. Stay tuned!

Dejan Murko

Dejan is the WooCart co-founder and Project Lead.

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