Product Update #5

Published on 2018/12/07


Last updated on 2019/04/16


by Dejan Murko

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This Sprint was focused on polishing up things for the first customers (wink wink). 

Polish the Store Overview

We polished the Overview so that it looks great and that it includes only the features that we currently support (nobody likes too many “Coming Soon” notes).

Visits and Sales Analytics

The analytics on the Overview are now live and working. Once you start receiving some visits and sales, there will be a nice graph shown to give you an idea of how your store is doing. 

Help Center Articles

Making the app usage as intuitive as possible is one of our utmost concerns. That said, a good Help Center is part of a good user experience. We’ve written the first few articles and explained everything currently available in the app.

Store Language in the Wizard

Our first idea was to select the language based on the Store Country but we quickly realized that there are way too many scenarios where that might not be true. So we’ve added a Store Language dropdown and by default it is set to the country’s official language.

Setting Domain

This is mostly backend support so we can set the Domain for your store. Currently, a request is sent to our support but in the coming few weeks, we’re planning a Wizard that will you take you through all of the options when setting the store on a domain, like automatic www/non-www redirects, DNS hosting, setting transactional emails, etc.

Under the Hood Work

There was a lot of work done in the backend. There’s already some groundwork laid out for the big features coming in the next few weeks and months. And of course, we had to make sure that everything works exactly as it should before our first users join.

Stay tuned because there will be a big announcement soon! 

Dejan Murko

Dejan is the WooCart co-founder and Project Lead.

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