Product Update #8

Published on 2019/02/26


Last updated on 2019/10/28


by Dejan Murko

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What’s new?

Testing and optimizing for WooCommerce

  • We’ve done extensive tests with popular page builders to analyze the performance and find space for improvements.
  • We’ve implemented new optimizations based on the lessons learned.

Polishing the User Interface

  • We’ve added an active state for the store sidebar so that it’s clear which tab you’re looking at.
  • There were some other kinks in the user interface that were fixed.

Resolved and edge case where the store wasn’t loading on HTTPS

  • We found an edge case where there were issues with HTTPS and resolved it.

Added internal uptime checks for all stores

  • We want to be the first to know if something goes wrong on your store so that we can be quick with a fix.
  • The uptime checks were implemented and will now post to our Slack channel when a store goes down.

Discussions and preparations for upcoming features

  • There’s a lot of work happening (but not finished yet) for WP-CLI, Dedicated Transactional Emails, and Set Domain wizard.
  • The results of this work should show in the coming few weeks. We’re very impatient to show it to you!

Known Issues

  • Overview Visits analytics are showing requests, not visits (sessions). Our goal is to get the numbers as close as possible to Google Analytics sessions. We’ll also keep the requests graph but that will be moved under a new tab.
  • Clearing store cache is not automatic which causes confusion when the content is not updated immediately. The goal is to automatically clear cache on specific events.

Coming Soon

  • Set Domain: we’re working on automating the process of setting the domain.
  • Dedicated Transactional Emails: we’re working on the next stage of automating transactional emails for you. This configuration will be automatically set when you set the domain.

Dejan Murko

Dejan is the WooCart co-founder and Project Lead.

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