ProteusThemes uses WooCart for its WoonderShop theme sandbox

Last updated on 2020/02/07


by Dejan Murko

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Offering potential buyers a way to test out your theme before the purchase is a great way to convert them. However, building a sandbox environment is a complicated task and requires good hosting infrastructure. This is why our friends at ProteusThemes got in touch with us to see if we could take over the sandbox environment for their popular WooCommerce theme WoonderShop.

ProteusThemes already had a sandbox environment, but the “problem” was that users wanted to continue hosting on ProteusThemes servers. Since they did not have a framework for hosting WordPress, it meant they were losing on opportunity to provide value to users and create a recurring revenue stream for the company. It was a great match with WooCart, where our WooCommerce-only infrastructure is perfect for solutions like this.

We wanted to keep the seamless creation of the sandbox stores while allowing testers to easily continue hosting on WooCart if they wished so.

WoonderShop sandbox environment is created on-demand from the WoonderShop landing page, and the user is sent login credentials to their email. Once they’re done customizing the store, they can decide whether to purchase the theme and export the settings to be imported to their host or continue hosting on WooCart. If they choose to sign up for WooCart, their store is automatically transferred to the newly created account. This way, they can easily continue working on the store while receiving all the benefits of hosting on WooCart.

At the same time, ProteusThemes receives a commission on all users that continue hosting on WooCart. It’s a win-win arrangement, and we’re all thrilled with the result!

If you’d like WooCart to host your WooCommerce theme sandbox environment, contact us and let’s talk!