Easily publish Staging store to Live

Last updated on 2020/03/13


by Dejan Murko

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Just two months after we’ve released the first version of Staging, we’re announcing the phase two – publishing of staging to live.

You can now easily publish the staging version of the store to live with just one click. Watch the quick video below:

How To Easily Update Your Store

You can now easily update everything without impacting your live store. The recommended way to update your store:

  1. Put your live store into maintenance mode.
  2. Create the Staging environment.
  3. Login to the staging store, disable maintenance mode and update WP, plugins, and theme.
  4. Test everything.
  5. Click Publish to Live.
  6. Done! Your store is now up-to-date.

This way, you can have the store safely updated in less than 10 minutes. If something goes wrong, you can fix it on the staging environment.

Customer & Order Sync coming soon with Lossless Staging

But we want to make this even easier! To avoid putting the live store into maintenance mode and potentially lose orders, we are working on the last phase of staging.

Lossless Staging will allow you to work on your staging store while customers visit and shop on your live store. Once you’re ready to publish the staging to live, we’ll automatically sync the order and customer data.

Stay tuned!