Announcing Shoptimizer Turnkey store with official CommerceGurus performance optimizations

Published on 2021/09/14


by Dejan Murko

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A fast theme is arguably the most important step to a fast store. Shoptimizer ranked fourth on our WooCommerce theme speed test, just 2 milliseconds behind third place (but a faster product page load time). It’s also one of the most popular themes focused exclusively on WooCommerce with a ton of eCommerce features and without sacrificing the performance.

For anyone that reads their CommerceGurus blog or watches their amazing tutorial videos (like this one for Core Web Vitals), you know they’re legitimate experts on WordPress performance. That’s why we’re really happy to announce that we’ve partnered up with them and now offer a Shoptimizer Turnkey store with their official performance optimizations.

Speed optimizations like this require hours of expert testing to correctly configure the store for your server, but on WooCart they’re now done for you with just a click. Combine that with dedicated resources on Google Cloud and you get an extremely fast store with very reliable performance.

We hope that with this step we make it easier for new WooCommerce users to build a great-looking store without compromising performance that would impact conversions. If you don’t have a license yet, visit the Shoptimizer website.

Dejan Murko

Dejan is the WooCart co-founder and Project Lead.

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