Free WooCommerce EU VAT plugin for B2C and B2B

Published on 2020/11/19


Last updated on 2021/03/03


by Dejan Murko

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We built this free plugin to make it simple for WooCommerce users to manage EU VAT, B2B sales, and VAT for digital products. It’s built for EU companies, though companies selling into the European Union can use it in some scenarios.

Download EU VAT Plugin

The plugin is completely free to download. If you’d like to contribute, visit our public repository.

EU VAT & B2B WooCommerce Plugin

The default settings should be the correct setting for all EU countries. That said, you should confirm this with your accountant or tax advisor.

Make sure you have your country’s standard, reduced and zero VAT rates entered in WooCommerce settings. This is not handled by the plugin. We recommend using the store base country for tax calculation.

B2B Sales

You can sell and correctly charge VAT to companies in your home country, inside the EU, or outside the EU. The plugin allows you to easily cover all of these cases with a few checkboxes.

In most countries, VAT is charged between companies in the home country, and not when exporting when there is a valid EU VAT number, or when exporting outside the EU.

You can configure VAT field requirement and charging tax inside or outside the home country based on regulations.

The VAT number field is added to the checkout. The plugin validates EU VAT numbers through the standard VIES/VAT verification.

B2C Digital Goods

When selling eBooks, videos, courses, or any other digital product to consumers, the VAT needs to be charged. With the plugin, you can easily import all EU VAT rates, and create a Digital Goods tax class with one click.

Tax Reports

We added two reports to make it easier to review transactions and taxes collected: B2B transactions under Reports > Orders and Tax Collected By Country under Reports > Taxes.

Keep in mind you or your accountant need to do the VAT reporting to the EU, as this is not done by the plugin.

Dejan Murko

Dejan is the WooCart co-founder and Project Lead.

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