WordCamp Las Palmas, Our First Conference For 2019

Posted on 20/02/2019


by Matei Gavris

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It’s been a while since our last WordCamp so when I saw one taking place in the Canary Islands I said to myself it would be a shame to miss it. A couple of days passed and I was all set to go to WordCamp Las Palmas.

Being the farthest EU territory, the Canary Islands are situated in the Atlantic Ocean near the west coasts of Saharan Africa. They are part of Spain and the beautiful city of Las Palmas is one of their two capitals.

As soon as I put my first foot out of the airport was totally surprised to see the balmy summer weather and the bright sunshine. Imagine coming from the European continental winter to this subtropical paradise.

Was definitely a good start and I tried to make the most out of my free day before the WordCamp. ?

The Contributor’s Day

Here, different from other WordCamps, the Contributor’s Day was first. I met everyone at the imposing building of “Centro Demostrador de las TIC para la Innovación Turística”. An English translation would sound stranger, believe me.

“Who’s here for the sunshine and who’s here for WordPress?” asked the organizers in Spanish. This seemed to be a hard question to answer for most of us. But they didn’t mind, after all WordCamp Las Palmas was officially “Powered by Gofio”, a traditional Canarian food.

WordCamp Las Palmas T-Shirt

Maja from Germany, who is a much more experienced “wordcamper” than I am, helped me add my contribution to the WordPress Community and showed me the ins and outs of the WordPress Support ecosystem. I learned a lot from her and I’m so grateful for being able to bring WooCart closer to the community.

The Conference Day

The next day we had the actual conference. It started much earlier, in the morning. The venue changed and this time we were at the Elder Museum of Science and Technology near the Las Canteras, the largest beach in Las Palmas. Alternating conference talks with walks through the museum was indeed an interesting experience.

Although I can understand Spanish up to a point, most of the scheduled talks were is Spanish so after a while it was quite impossible to continue concentrating on every word. Eventually, I stuck with the few available English talks and workshops. But that was fine because it pushed me to try new things which as a marketer I wouldn’t normally attend.

The Turbocharge your WordPress Development workshop done by Ted Stresen-Reuter was one of those things. Ted is a developer with many years of experience and he runs a successful development agency. I was super happy to find out that the developer features already available or soon available on WooCart are really important for an experienced developer like him.

WordCamp Las Palmas is an engaging experience. I made new friends, helped the community and learned new things. Was refreshing to see how the technologies we love at WooCart are being adopted more and more. Not to mention the perfect weather and the beautiful beaches. If you know a little Spanish you should definitely check it out next year.