WP Bakery for WooCommerce Speed Test and Review

Posted on 19/09/2019


by Dejan Murko

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WP Bakery is a premium page builder with licenses available from $45.

  • WordPress: 5.2.3
  • Astra Theme: 2.0.1
  • Version tested: 2.7.1
  • Date tested: 2019-09-12

To read about our methodology and the comparative results, make sure to read the results post.

WP Bakery Speed Testing

Each page is run five times with GT Metrix and the below results are median of the five runs.

Load Time CachedPageSpeed ScoreYSlow Score Total page sizeRequestsFully loaded time
Homepage 19272849,26656797
Homepage 29272849,26656826
Homepage 39272849,264561,163
Homepage 49272849,266561,470
Homepage 59574847,295563,611
Homepage Median9272849,266561,163
Product Page 19573375,073413,327
Product Page 29676321,67141867
Product Page 39676321,669411,220
Product Page 49676321,66841788
Product Page 59676321,657411,163
Product Page Median9676321,669411,163
Shop Page 19470401,355489,877
Shop Page 29881363,44148836
Shop Page 39881363,45948971
Shop Page 49881363,439481,061
Shop Page 59881363,43948734
Shop Page Median9881363,44148971
Cached Median All9474585,468491,163

Median PageSpeed score: 94

Median YSlow score: 74


WP Bakery lands in the third place on our benchmark test. It’s far from slow and if you have affinity towards it, performance is not that worse from the first two page builders to be worth switching.

That said, if you’re starting from scratch, why not do it with the fastest builder?