Brand Assets

WooCart Logo

WooCart logo is responsive and comes in 3 versions:

  • Independent (with or without a tagline) for print materials and banners
  • Vertically Restrictive (with or without a tagline) for the nav bars and narrow banners
  • Small Size for the icons or avatars

Please choose the logo version according to your needs.

Independent Logo

Vertically Restrictive Logo

Brand Colors

WooCart has shades of purple as its primary colors, plus a couple of accent colors in addition:



Download Color Palette

Brand Fonts

There are 2 main fonts used for WooCart assets, follow the links below to get them:

Montserrat font is good for the headings.

Inter font is good for the body texts.
WooCart Dashboard

WooCart Screenshots

Do you need some screenshots of WooCart app? We prepared up-to-date marketing materials for you.