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GoDaddy vs WooCart

Are you unhappy with your WooCommerce store on GoDaddy and are looking for alternatives? Or are you thinking of using GoDaddy for your store but are not sure yet?

You came to the right page! While we may be biased, we are confident that WooCart is the better solution for your store. Let us explain.

GoDaddy vs WooCart

Here's why WooCart is better than GoDaddy for your WooCommerce store

We host only WooCommerce. Nothing else, not even WordPress, much less any other platform. GoDaddy has hosting for everything. Just like you don't go to the supermarket for high-end audio equipment, so shouldn't you use a general host for your WooCommerce store.

Here are a few things WooCart does better because we specialize in WooCommerce:

Superior performance on dedicated servers

We've configured everything around WooCommerce and performance. Dedicated resources on Google Cloud give you far more control and better speed than GoDaddy's shared hosting.

No data loss when merging staging with live

WooCart's Lossless Staging allows you to easily merge staging with live without loss of order or customer data. GoDaddy's staging will overwrite all your orders and customers on the live store.

Built for store owners, not general businesses

Everything, from the dashboard to tools, is built around the requirements and needs of store owners, not just regular site owners.

All this means faster stores and more conversions, easier updates, and less stress over potential hacks and tools to make your WooCommerce store simpler to manage.


GoDaddy WooCart


Hosting Type Managed WordPress Managed WooCommerce
Store Wizard Basic Installation Advanced Installation + Localization


Server Resources Shared Dedicated
Staging Regular Lossless Staging
Image Optimization None Automatic
Content Delivery Network (CDN) Free Premium KeyCDN
SSL Configuration Manual Automatic
Backups Daily + Manual Daily + Manual


Control Panel Generic hosting WooCommerce focused
Plugin Metrics No Yes
Page Metrics No Yes
Error Logs None Yes
WP Login 1-Click 1-Click
DNS Hosting No Yes
Server Performance Metrics None CPU, Memory and Disk


No-Hack Guarantee No Yes
SSL Certificate $63.99 Free
Transfers $99/site Free
Free Trial None 7 Days
Money-Back Guarantee Conditional No-Questions-Asked
Monthly Price

Transparent Pricing and Straightforward Money-Back Guarantee

Money-Back Guarantee

GoDaddy has a very complicated signup process where they require a full address and your phone number. We need only your email and payment method.

Even though GoDaddy advertises a very low price, it's only for a 3-year advance payment. If you want to pay monthly, the prices go up 200%! And even with the 3-year advance payment, the renewal price is much higher.

WooCart pricing is very transparent – what you see on the pricing page is what you pay. If you need addons, the price is clearly seen. No price increase on renewals, no higher price on monthly payments.

GoDaddy has a very ambiguous policy on issuing refunds:

If a Hosting Service has already been performed, then it is non-refundable (if not yet performed, eligible for a refund within 30 days of the date of the transaction).

We are very confident that you will love hosting on WooCart, so we have a very straightforward money-back guarantee: no-questions-asked.

Money-Back Guarantee
GoDaddy Reviews

GoDaddy Reviews

GoDaddy Reviews

GoDaddy is the most popular domain registrar and one of the largest hosting providers. That, in itself, does not guarantee quality.

If you search for GoDaddy reviews and check the ones that allow public comments, you will see a large percentage of unhappy, sometimes even very angry customers. Users complain about severe data loss, regular 503 errors, poor customer service, and slow sites.

With WooCart you get daily and manual backups and can use staging whenever to restore any version. When errors occur, we tell you why in the Error Logs. Our excellent customer support is by people who live and breathe WooCommerce, and have been in the space for years. The Google Cloud servers are optimized for WooCommerce and are the fastest in the industry.

Plus, we have a free trial so you can easily try us out!

Simple Pricing with 7-Day Free Trial And
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee for All Plans