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Hosting your WooCommerce store on a generic WordPress host does not cut it. If you want the best hosting for your store, you need to go to a specialist.

Our servers are optimized for serving WooCommerce because 100% of our customers are on WooCommerce.

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GKE GKE GKE Google Cloud

Incredible Page Speed on Google Cloud Servers

Google Cloud

Moving from a general host to WooCart is a difference between night and day. You'll be amazed to see how fast your store can be when it's on a server optimized for WooCommerce, powered by Google Cloud.

Dedicated resources

Dedicated Resources


Optimized for WooCommerce


Advanced Caching

Loading resources from CDN

Fast Loading of Images with CDN for All Stores

Loading resources from CDN

Content Delivery Network (CDN) dramatically increases the loading of images, one of the primary reasons for poor page load time.

CDN is one of the easiest ways to improve your page speed and with WooCart, you have CDN by default on all plans, powered by KeyCDN.

Automatic Image Optimization

Image optimization

We are serving modern image formats (WebP) that are optimized for the visitor's browser screen and size. This significantly decreases the load time of images on your store.

WooCart also smushes all images on your store, decreasing the size of images, and optimizing the use of the disk space.

Best of all - you don't have to do anything as it's done automatically for you.

Image optimization
Table with Resource-Hogging Plugins Plugin Metrics

Easily Find the Resource-Hogging Plugins

Table with Resource-Hogging Plugins Plugin Metrics

Plugins are a fantastic feature of WordPress, but they can also be a drag on your server if they're not coded well. WooCart lists the plugins that use the most resources so that you can find better alternatives and drastically improve your store's performance.

Find Your Store's Slowest Pages

Table with Slowest Pages Page Metrics

Fast load time on the homepage is not enough. If you have plugins impacting only specific pages, you can't know which pages are loading slowly unless you do page speed tests on all. Or, you can take a look at WooCart's list of the slowest pages.

Table with Slowest Pages Page Metrics

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