No more fear of clicking update. No more testing on your live store.

A staging environment (or testing sandbox) is a clone of your store where you can test and try things without impacting your live store.

With WooCart you can directly publish the changes to the live store and we'll download the orders that happened in the meantime. No more lost orders!

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Step 1: Create a copy of your store on Staging

Backups Page Create Staging

Clone your store to staging with just one click. Changes you make to this staging store do not impact your live store.

Update WordPress and Plugins Plugin Metrics

Step 2: Update the store or test new things

Update WordPress and Plugins Plugin Metrics

You are now free to update WordPress, WooCommerce, theme, and plugins without worrying about breaking your live store and losing customers.

You can also test new things on the store, like a new plugin or theme.

Step 3: Click Publish to put your updated store online

Staging Dashboard Publish

Once you're happy with the result, click Publish. WooCart runs an automated checkout test, puts your live store on maintenance mode, downloads the latest orders and customers, and publishes the new store online.

All done in less than a few minutes.

Why is WooCart's Lossless Staging better than other WordPress hosts' staging?

Staging comparison

Generic WordPress hosts offer staging, but when you publish the staging store, it fully replaces the live version. If orders were made in the meantime, they will be lost, as well as data of all new customers.

Because WooCart works only with WooCommerce, we know exactly what changes are made, and we download them before publishing the staging store. That's why we call it Lossless Staging - because there will be no loss of data.

Staging comparison

Watch Lossless Staging in action

See how easy it is to create a staging environment, update WooCommerce, and publish it to live, even when a new order happens in the meantime.

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