Effortless Store Management with the WooCart Dashboard

All around solution

Manage everything from the WooCart dashboard and build new WooCommerce stores in just minutes.

Stop wasting time and start working exclusively on things that bring in sales. WooCart takes care of everything else.

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blazing performance All around solution
1-Click Login

1-Click Login

Login with one click from the WooCart dashboard.

DNS Hosting

DNS Hosting

Set nameservers at your registrar, then manage everything on WooCart.

Out-of-the-box HTTPS

Out-of-the-box HTTPS

Free Let's Encrypt SSL installed on every store.

No-Hack Guarantee

No-Hack Guarantee

We take care of security, or we clean up the mess for free.

Daily Backups

Daily Backups

Immediately available for download or restore.

1-Click GDPR store configuration

GDPR store configuration

Preconfigured WooCommerce for GDPR compliance

Better Management of Your Store with the WooCart Dashboard

The WooCart dashboard was built around the store owner's requirements. It gives you a quick overview of the traffic and sales in the last 30 days, plus easy access to tools that help you make your store faster, and easier to maintain.

Sendgrid email integration

Out-of-Box Sendgrid Integration with Unlimited Transactional Emails

Sendgrid email integration

Automatic plugin configuration and settings for improved email deliverability (DKIM, SPF).

Plus, your own SendGrid login with detailed email activity and deliverability reports. Unlimited transactional emails are included with all WooCart plans.

Extensive Security Measures for a Peace of Mind

Spiders Wall Store

All stores run a web application firewall (WAF) built on top of Google Cloud. It automatically blocks and limits crawlers, spiders, bots, and common attack vectors.

The system prevents injection of malware but also runs hourly malware checks. WordPress minor (security) versions are automatically updated.

Spiders Wall Store
magic wand Store Wizard

Build a Fully Functional WooCommerce Store in Just 3 Steps

Store Wizard

Only three steps to build a fully localized store. Store Wizard installs WordPress with WooCommerce, adds language packs, configures country's tax settings, localizes date, time, currency, and other settings.

Store building doesn't get easier than this.

Start Selling in Minutes with a Turnkey Store

Turnkey Store

Store Wizard can also install a fully designed store, demo products included. Simply add your logo, change the design colors, and add your products. You'll be selling in minutes.

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customizations Turnkey Store

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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee for All Plans