Simple Troubleshooting of WordPress/WooCommerce Issues Without a Developer

No Developer Needed

No more frantic searches for a developer to bring your store back online! With WooCart you can do it on your own by following a few simple steps.

We make it easy to troubleshoot errors on your WooCommerce store, even if you have only basic technical knowledge.

Developer tools No Developer Needed

No more blank page issues! WooCart has friendly error messages

Friendly error messages

One of the most frustrating issues with WordPress are blank page errors. How to troubleshoot something when there is no information? The old way was to disable all plugins, reset the theme to default, and then start enabling one-by-one. No more!

WooCart has amazing error handling and shows you an ID for every error. You can then use this ID to find the root cause in Error Logs.

Find the root cause of errors with Error Logs

Error Logs

Copy the error ID you've been shown and go to Error Logs. Enter the ID, and it shows you exactly what happened.

Even if you're not a developer, you can find the culprit (usually a plugin), which you can then disable and bring your store back online in just a few seconds.

Broken WordPress and can't log in? Use WP-CLI to disable the culprit

WordPress CLI

Has a plugin broken your WordPress, and you can't even log in to disable it? Use the command-line tool WP-CLI and with a simple command disable the plugin or theme causing the issue.

WP-CLI is a powerful tool that you can use even when your store doesn't have issues. Want to update all plugins without logging into the store? Enter wp plugin update --all and it's done!

Correlate plugin de/activations with resource usage

Server Metrics

Our Server Metrics give you insight into CPU and Memory usage for the webserver and database. Additionally, it also shows you important events like plugin de/activations that you can then directly correlate to the resource usage.

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