Managed WooCommerce Hosting: WooCart Is the First Service Built Exclusively for Store Owners

WooCart is not just another WordPress hosting. It is built from the ground up for WooCommerce users.

We make selling with WooCommerce a joy again with tools that make it effortless to maintain, and servers that make it blazingly fast.

Timer Servers

Dedicated WooCommerce Hosting on Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Timer Servers

WooCart is not shared hosting. Other WordPress and WooCommerce hosting providers that use Google Cloud offer it only as shared hosting. We block out resources for your store so that you have full control and no risk of suffering from server oversell.

This results in better performance and simpler troubleshooting and maintenance.

Advanced Caching for WooCommerce

Caching increases your store performance significantly as it serves pre-saved website data to your visitors. Because we only host WooCommerce, we know what can be pre-saved so we can substantially decrease the page load.

We know WooCommerce requires special caching rules for checkout and cart, and they are set up from the very start.

Premium CDN and Automatic Image Optimization

Image optimization

Content Delivery Network (CDN) is one of the fastest ways to improve your page speed by offloading images and other static files to separate cloud servers. On WooCart, you receive premium CDN out-of-the-box, powered by KeyCDN.

WooCart also smushes your images on upload and losslessly compresses them, significantly saving on load time. We automatically serve modern image formats (WebP) that are optimized for the visitor's browser screen and size. This additionally decreases the load time of images.

Image optimization
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Lossless Staging for WooCommerce

Stop fearing the update button and never test on your live store again. A staging environment (also called sandbox or testing environment) is a clone of your store where you can test and try things without impacting your live store.

With WooCart, you can directly publish the changes to the live store, and we'll sync the orders that happened in the meantime.

Why is WooCart's Lossless Staging better than other WordPress hosts' staging?

Staging comparison

While some WordPress hosts offer staging, it's a simple overwrite action on publishing. If orders were made while you were working on staging and you click publish, they will be lost, as well as data of all new customers.

Because they host regular WordPress hosts, their staging does not cover the store use case.

Because WooCart works only with WooCommerce, we know what changes are made, and we sync them before publishing the staging store. That's why we call it Lossless Staging - because there is no loss of data.

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Staging comparison

Build a Fully Functional WooCommerce Store in Just 3 Steps

Get up and selling in just a few minutes. We've gotten WooCommerce store building down to only three steps. Our Store Wizard installs WordPress with WooCommerce, adds language packs, configures country's tax settings, localizes date, time, currency, and other settings.

The Store Wizard can also install a fully designed Turnkey store, demo products included. Simply add your logo, a hero image, change the colors, and add your products. You'll be selling in minutes, not days.

WooCommerce store building doesn't get easier than this.

Simple Troubleshooting of WordPress and WooCommerce Issues Without a Developer

We make it easy to troubleshoot errors on your WooCommerce store, even if you have only basic technical knowledge. You also get full transparency about your server resources. You can easily review the memory and CPU usage of your store at any time.

Everything You Expect From a Modern WooCommerce Hosting Provider and so Much More

1-Click Login

1-Click Login

Login with one click from the WooCart dashboard.

DNS Hosting

DNS Hosting

Set nameservers at your registrar, then manage everything on WooCart.

Out-of-the-box HTTPS

Out-of-the-box HTTPS

Free Let's Encrypt SSL installed on every store.

No-Hack Guarantee

No-Hack Guarantee

We take care of security, or we clean up the mess for free.

Daily Backups

Daily Backups

Immediately available for download or restore.

1-Click GDPR store configuration

GDPR store configuration

We preconfigure WooCommerce for GDPR compliance

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WooCart Support

WooCommerce Support to Help You out When You Need It the Most

WooCart Support

We live and breathe WooCommerce, and we can fix an issue before most people even diagnose it.

If your store goes offline, we'll be there to help you get it back online fast. If your store's checkout doesn't work, we'll diagnose the problem and find a solution. If there is an issue that prevents your store from taking orders, we'll be there to help you fix it.


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Choose the WooCommerce hosting specialist for your online store

WooCommerce hosting specialist

The first managed WordPress hosts split from the regular shared hosting provider when the latter were not specialized enough. We believe today the split is necessary for WooCommerce users.

The same way you don't go to buy high-quality audio equipment in a supermarket, you shouldn't use a generic hosting provider for your money-making store.

WooCommerce hosting specialist

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