WooCommerce CBD Hosting: hosting your CBD store on WooCommerce has never been easier

WooCart is not just another WordPress hosting. It is built from the ground up for WooCommerce users.

We make selling with WooCommerce a joy again with tools that make it effortless to maintain, and servers that make it blazingly fast.

We are CBD store friendly hosting.

What are the specific requirements for CBD stores?

CBD sales are still classified as regulated products; therefore, you need to comply with our sales terms.

USA Flag

Your store is located in the US.

Comply with all laws

You comply with all federal, state, and local laws.

CBD Shipping

You ship only to states where CBD sales are permitted.

Full contact information

Your full contact information is published on the store.

Read the full CBD Sales Terms.

WooCommerce for CBD

Why WooCommerce for your CBD store?

WooCommerce for CBD

The primary reason is full ownership of the store. You can transfer your store to any hosting provider if you so wish. If a proprietary platform, like Wix or Shopify, decide they don't want CBD stores anymore, you're out of luck and need to start from scratch.

Because of the legal limitations on advertising, you need a platform that is great for SEO so that customers can easily find you on Google. The foundation for good SEO is content, and WooCommerce with WordPress excels at that.

Why WooCart for your WooCommerce store?

WooCommerce store

WooCart is built around the needs and requirements of store owners, not bloggers or site owners. We know the pain points of WooCommerce users and have built our service to solve them.

With WooCart, you'll receive hosting optimized for WooCommerce stores, making it a lot faster than generic hosting providers. We also provide tools that make it easy to build and maintain WooCommerce stores.

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WooCommerce store

Frequently Asked Questions

I heard WordPress/WooCommerce doesn't allow CBD. Is that true?

That's only true for their commercial services, like Jetpack or WordPress.com. Hosting on WooCart counts as self-hosted, and therefore those rules do not apply.

What are the recommended payment gateways for CBD stores?

We highly recommend Organic Payment Gateways. They've been working with CBD merchants in the US for years, and they will guide you through the process of getting the merchant account and gateway setup. Their fees range from 3.99% to 4.99% (+ 30c/transaction) with a $25 - $75/month subscription. Contact them for more information.

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