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Launch in hours instead of days with our Store Wizard and Turnkey stores. Receive expert support, video tutorials, and access to quality developers when you need help customizing your store.

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Launch a New WooCommerce Store in an Hour Instead of Days

Build WooCommerce Store

With our Store Wizard and Turnkey Store, you can launch a new site with a few clicks. The store comes fully preconfigured and localized for your country, and you only need to add your products and payment gateways to start selling.

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"WooCart enabled us to quickly develop an effective and stable shopping platform."

At the beginning of lockdown in the UK at Staggeringly Good brewery, we lacked an effective online retail solution. Overnight this became an immediate priority, with online demand going from 5% to almost 95% of our total trade. WooCart enabled us to quickly develop an effective and stable shopping platform for customers to get their hands on our craft beer.

As that operation has grown exponentially over the last few months, the platform has been able to grow with that demand meaning no matter how intense the traffic on our site, the consumer always gets a smooth and stable shopping experience.

Expert WooCommerce Support & Access to Quality Developers

Support & Developers

You get expert support from our team for anything related to WooCommerce. If you need someone to fix bugs or develop a custom solution, we've partnered with a development agency for all your WordPress and WooCommerce needs.

Our partners work with our team to give you the best solution possible at a reasonable price.

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Support & Developers
Free Tutorials

Free Video Tutorials for WordPress & WooCommerce

Free Tutorials

If you're new to WordPress or WooCommerce, no worries! With WooCart, you get access to expert video tutorials for WordPress and WooCommerce, easily accessible inside your WordPress dashboard.

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Easily Manage Your Store and Collaborate With Others

Add Collaboration

Easily share access to your store with contractors, coworkers, or anyone else. As easy as you share it, you can also revoke it for peace of mind.

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WooCommerce Website Server Clouds

The first hosting built from scratch for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Website Server Clouds

Hosting for profitable stores that have outgrown shared servers. Transfer to WooCart for faster site speed, guaranteed.

Dedicated Resources

Dedicated Google Cloud Resources

Dedicated Resources

Custom Cache for WooCommerce

Dedicated Resources

Automatic Image Optimization

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Why WooCommerce on WooCart instead of Shopify?

Shopify is an amazingly accessible platform. And if you're starting, you might be tempted to exchange customization and ownership for simplicity. But that comes with some pretty significant risks.

First of all - you don't own your store on Shopify, you rent it. If for some reason, they decide they don't like you, your country, or your store, then you are left with nothing but a CSV export of your products and need to start from scratch.

If you don't, or can't, use their payment gateway, you are paying processing fees as high as 2%. That doesn't sound like a lot at first, but if you consider that directly takes away from your profit, it can easily amount to 20% of your bottom-line, which is not negligible - especially when you start growing.

WooCommerce is daunting if you're starting on your own and have no one to help you out. But with WooCart, you not only receive a simple Store Wizard that simplifies most of the setup, but you also receive access to developers that can quickly help you build the store you want and support you at all stages.

And in the end, if you don't like WooCart hosting, you can still move your store to any other WordPress host. Because you actually own the store you built and everything you invested into it.

We have always run our shops on Shopify but felt very restricted to what we wanted to do. The only other option was WordPress/WooCommerce, but this meant hiring someone who could oversee security, plugin updates, and more... a headache!

I decided to see what other options we had and came across WooCart, and I fell in love straight away because they covered everything I was worried about with WooCommerce. I hate writing testimonials, but honestly, Dejan and the team at WooCart are the best in the business. On top of the amazing hosting comes their support, they bend over backward to make sure your store is working with lightning speeds, never failing to please.

"Dejan and the team at WooCart are the best in the business."

Greg Wilding
Greg Wilding, co-founder

Gelor Nails

Why host on WooCart and not GoDaddy or SiteGround?

GoDaddy and SiteGround are two very popular hosting providers, and they offer hosting for all kinds of websites. WooCart specializes in WooCommerce. It's everything we do, day in day out. Our support knows what kind of problems you encounter, and our partners know our platform well and work with us to build you the best solution for your online business.

Both hosts offer shared hosting for a similar price to WooCart. WooCart offers dedicated resources. This means that the server resources on WooCart are reserved for your store, allowing for far better performance and reliability.

And even though the two hosts seem cheap at first, you need to purchase the yearly plan to get a large discount which still goes away with the second year. Then it's the same price as WooCart. With WooCart, you pay the same price from the first month on with no requirements for yearly billing to get the best price.

"It makes our work so much easier. Thanks for everything!"

Together with Dejan and his team, our website has become a lot faster and more reliable since moving to WooCart. They actively think along to get the webshop a little faster every time and we are also helped quickly in case of malfunctions.

WooCart keeps coming up with new functions, for example, the possibility of using staging is groundbreaking for us.

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