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Gelor Nails


Greg runs shops in multiple niches and was looking for flexibility of WooCommerce mixed with the performance, stability, and security of Shopify. He found WooCart which merged the two and is extremely happy with the result!

Gelor Nails store screenshot

"Dejan and the team at WooCart are the best in the business."

We have always run our shops on Shopify but felt very restricted to what we wanted to do. The only other option was WordPress/WooCommerce, but this meant hiring someone who could oversee security, plugin updates, and more... a headache!

I decided to see what other options we had and came across WooCart, and I fell in love straight away because they covered everything I was worried about with WooCommerce. I hate writing testimonials, but honestly, Dejan and the team at WooCart are the best in the business. On top of the amazing hosting comes their support, they bend over backward to make sure your store is working with lightning speeds, never failing to please.

When we started with soap & precede, we consciously decided against a bloated shop software and tried to go for a simple HTML one-pager. Only a few weeks after starting the business we realized: this isn't working - neither for our customers nor for us. We simply needed more traditional features, like a basket, checkout etc. while still maintaining all the various subscription features.

After some research, we stumbled across WooCart and it's a blast: great (and scalable) performance and exceptional customer service. They helped us set everything up (thanks to the store Wizard you are ready to go in minutes), recommended suitable plugins, and kept an eye on our store metrics. Together with transactional emails out of the box and Lossless Staging, we now can fully concentrate on our business - always knowing, that if we need just anything the WooCart team is just a single click away, ready to help!

“Great performance and exceptional customer service!”

Boris Schumacher
Boris Schumacher, co-founder

soap & precede


soap & precede


soap & precede is an ecological low-packaging soap company. They were looking for a scalable and low-maintenance solution for hosting WooCommerce.

Gelor Nails store screenshot

2 Wards Polymer Clay


2 Wards Polymer Clay is a hobby shop from Australia. They had serious problems with crawling and bot attacks, and moved to WooCart to solve it. We fixed those problems with our security setup, and on top of that increased their page speed as well.

2 Wards Polymer Clay screenshot

Our website was getting scraped and attacked constantly. We've tried several plugins, hosts, and services, but only WooCart have been able to help us manage these problems. Our site is faster now, and I know if I have a question, I'll get a helpful answer.

Susannah Ward
Susannah Ward

2 Wards Polymer Clay


Cheap as Prints


Cheap as Prints is a UK printing business run by Umar. The store was moved from a shared host and received an incredible 77% decrease in load time, from 6.5s to just 1.4s as tested with GT Metrix.

Cheap as Prints screenshot

WooCart optimized their servers specifically to our needs and even fixed issues on our website to ensure fast speeds were met. We went from over 8 second load time to under a second and have not looked back since. Since we have moved, we have noticed an increase in our rankings in Google.

Umar Saeed
Umar Saeed

Cheap as Prints

"Moving to WooCart has cut costs and improved speed."

Here at MoreNiche, our focus is to deliver the highest possible converting eCommerce brands to maximize commissions for our affiliates.

I approached WooCart as we wanted a specialist WooCommerce hosting company that could help squeeze extra value from every single visitor.

WooCart certainly delivered! Not only have they helped us increase the load speed of our stores but they have also saved us a ton of money in hosting fees at the same time, bonus!

From the moment I contacted their sales team, they have been super communicative and helpful, going above and beyond any hosting provider we have worked with in the past.

If you are looking for WooCommerce hosting, I would recommend WooCart all day long!




MoreNiche is a 20-year-old supplements affiliate network. They were looking for a hosting provider for their WooCommerce stores that were hosted on Amazon Lightsail. The maintenance burden was too much for their team, and they looked for specialists that could take over.

MoreNiche store screenshot

Staggeringly Good


When COVID-19 hit the UK, the craft brewery Staggeringly Good had to develop a scalable store quickly. They signed up for the WooCart free trial, took advantage of our Store Wizard, and had a store running within a few hours!

StaggeringlyGood store screenshot

At the beginning of lockdown in the UK at Staggeringly Good brewery, we lacked an effective online retail solution. Overnight this became an immediate priority, with online demand going from 5% to almost 95% of our total trade. WooCart enabled us to quickly develop an effective and stable shopping platform for customers to get their hands on our craft beer.

As that operation has grown exponentially over the last few months, the platform has been able to grow with that demand meaning no matter how intense the traffic on our site, the consumer always gets a smooth and stable shopping experience.

"The consumer always gets a smooth and stable shopping experience."


Flaka Surfing


Flaka Surfing is a surfing shop built by Tadej. He was unhappy with the performance of his current host and was eager to move. His store load time decreased from 4.86s to just 0.44s (cached) as tested with Pingdom Tools.

Flaka Surfing screenshot

WooCart is amazing! The pagespeed is unbelievable and the transfer process was completely hands-off.

The marketing recommendations were just a cherry on top and I’m a very happy customer!

Tadej Peckaj
Tadej Peckaj, founder

Flaka Surfing


Titans Marketing


Titans Products sell legendary marketing books. They were looking for a hosting solution that would allow them to focus on marketing and leave the maintenance and technical issues to the experts.

Titans eBooks screenshot

After moving all three of my stores to WooCart I'm convinced this is the way WooCommerce should have been built from the beginning. WooCart gets us out of all the WooCommerce tech headaches so we can focus on running our business. Huge thanks to the WooCart team for their amazing support and product.


Musthaves by Kell

Baby Products

Musthaves by Kell is a baby store that was hosted by a local host in the Netherlands. By moving to WooCart, they significantly decreased their load time and simplified their maintenance with Lossless Staging.

Musthaves by Kell store screenshot

"It makes our work so much easier. Thanks for everything!"

Together with Dejan and his team, our website has become a lot faster and more reliable since moving to WooCart. They actively think along to get the webshop a little faster every time and we are also helped quickly in case of malfunctions.

WooCart keeps coming up with new functions, for example, the possibility of using staging is groundbreaking for us.

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