Read How Our Clients Have Increased Their Stores' Page Speed and Decreased Their Maintenance Issues by Moving to WooCart

Gelor Nails store screenshot

Gelor Nails

Greg runs shops in multiple niches and was looking for flexibility of WooCommerce mixed with the performance, stability, and security of Shopify. He found WooCart which merged the two and is extremely happy with the result!

We have always run our shops on Shopify but felt very restricted to what we wanted to do. The only other option was WordPress/WooCommerce, but this meant hiring someone who could oversee security, plugin updates, and more... a headache!

I decided to see what other options we had and came across WooCart, and I fell in love straight away because they covered everything I was worried about with WooCommerce. I hate writing testimonials, but honestly, Dejan and the team at WooCart are the best in the business. On top of the amazing hosting comes their support, they bend over backward to make sure your store is working with lightning speeds, never failing to please.

Greg Wilding
2 Wards Polymer Clay store screenshot

2 Wards Polymer Clay

2 Wards Polymer Clay is a successful hobby shop from Australia. They had serious problems with crawling and bot attacks, and moved to WooCart to solve it. We fixed those problems with our security setup, and on top of that increased their page speed as well.

Our website was getting scraped and attacked constantly. We've tried several plugins, hosts, and services, but only WooCart have been able to help us manage these problems. Our site is faster now, and I know if I have a question, I'll get a helpful answer.

Susannah Ward
Cheap as Prints store screenshot

Cheap as Prints

Cheap as Prints is a UK printing business, run by Umar. The store was moved from a shared host and received an incredible 77% decrease in load time. Read the case study

From 6.5s
To 1.4s

WooCart optimized their servers specifically to our needs and even fixed issues on our website to ensure fast speeds were met. We went from over 8 second load time to under a second and have not looked back since. Since we have moved, we have noticed an increase in our rankings in Google.
Flakasurfing store screenshot

Flaka Surfing

Flaka Surfing is a small online shop built by Tadej, an enthusiastic windsurfer. He was unhappy with the performance of his current host and was eager to move. Read the case study

From 4.86s
To 0.44s

WooCart is amazing! The pagespeed is unbelievable and the transfer process was completely hands-off. The marketing recommendations were just a cherry on top and I’m a very happy customer!

Tadej, owner of
Premier Parfum store screenshot

Premier Parfum

Premier Parfum is an online perfume store built by Georgi. He moved from a local host because he was looking for performance improvements and easier maintenance. Read the case study

From 3.56s
To 0.89s
PK Gift Shop store screenshot

PK Gift Shop

PK Gift Shop is a store to send gifts to friends and family in Pakistan. They moved from a shared hosting provider and received an unbelievable increase in performance. Read the case study

From 22.0s
To 3.8s

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